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Naruto, Avatar: the last airbender, The legend of korra, Teen wolf, Arrow, The flash, Percy Jackson, Fullmetal alchemist: brotherhood, Free!, Spiderman, Harry potter and Art are the things i like you see.



my name is Oliver Queen. after five years in hell, i have come home with only one goal - to save my city. now others have joined my crusade. to them, i’m Oliver Queen. to the rest of starling city, i’m someone else. i am something else.

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Cumulus Clouds Reference by Tim Von Rueden

Check out our tips, tricks, and techniques on creating the “puffy” clouds for your environment or illustrations pieces HERE.

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Happy Birthday Brigid! 

You’re an amazing artist and a huge inspiration to me. I hope you enjoy this drawing of Blaire and Prosper! Have a great day! <3 

Art by burdge | Colored by thetitancurse

If there’s one thing that today has taught me, is that life is precious
                      And I want so much more in mine than this.

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Happy 23rd Birthday Tyler Garcia Posey!!!  [ October 18, 1991 ]

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My name is Barry Allen and I’m the fastest cutest man alive. (◕‿◕✿)

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Kakashi Hatake - Requested by anon

“I have faith in my people. But for confidence,
I’d never let them go on any dangerous missions, you know.”

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