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Naruto, Avatar: the last airbender, The legend of korra, Teen wolf, Arrow, The flash, Percy Jackson, Fullmetal alchemist: brotherhood, Free!, Spiderman, Harry potter and Art are the things i like you see.


Master airbenders

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Jinora, you are just like your grandfather.

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Anonymous: hi!! i wanted to ask how you got your art to look so loose and smooth and natural? becasue whenever i draw it turns out looking really overworked and hard, do you know what i mean? i was just wondering if there was some kind of technique you used or if it just comes with time and practice. Thanks!


oh, well thank you, first off! and i gotta tell you, i think it’s mostly down to time and practice. BUT i can give you a few tips to make it easier!

  • look at how you hold your pencil (or pen or brush). are your fingers all tight and pushed down together at the tip of the pencil? if they are, loosen up! shake out your hand when you feel like you’re getting too confined, and try to have a looser grip. you’ll see what i mean at this link, where the first step details better ways to hold your drawing utensil. i use the “extended grip” a lot.
  • when you start a sketch, make your lines as light as possible! like almost barely visible! they’re just a base anyway, so don’t press down too hard until you’ve mapped out the whole drawing. 
  • in a similar way, don’t get too caught up in details right away (it’s hard, i do this too much). you wanna use a lot of sweeping, wide motions with your pencil, in order to flesh out the drawing’s shape. 
  • when you’re drawing… try to imagine the subject as made up of only circles, boxes, and triangles. that might be weird, but when you’re struggling with something specific, it really helps to visualize something much simpler. 
  • straight lines are overrated (unless you’re drawing a still life or from real life, but i digress), don’t let your drawing get too stiff, you want it to move! let yourself see the line of motion and follow it, let it bend and flow. 

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kataraweek, day six:

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"Hell have no fury like a woman’s scorned."

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better than school tbh

You know, I used to think the vigilante was a criminal too. But it seems to me, whoever he is, he’s willing to sacrifice an awful lot to help the people of this city. (Season 1)

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